The Gambia

The Gambia

Increasing access to education

Class of Deaf Children at St Johns 2015

We have developed an exciting project in The Gambia to help improve the school experience for deaf children and young people. This involves working with teachers in mainstream schools so that they are better equipped to identify and manage children with hearing loss in their classes. We help improve access for deaf and hearing impaired children and their communication ability by delivering teacher training, providing
materials and equipment.

Reaching rural communities

HARK MALAWIThe HARK is a mobile audiology clinic designed for transporting outreach ear and hearing health services to remote areas.

The Gambia flag

About The Gambia

Population: 1,595,000

Capital: Banjul

Area: 11,300 square kilometres

GDP per capita: U.S. $1,800

GDP per day: U.S. $5

  • There are no fully qualified native audiologists in The Gambia
  • There are no native ENT Doctors
  • There is one school for deaf children (St John’s) and one annex attached to a mainstream school in Basse.
  • Sign language: the sign language used in The Gambia is based on Dutch sign language.

Supporting teachers

Teacher Ebrahima Sarabally participated in one of Sound Seekers training courses to improve deaf awareness.

“It was very nice interacting with you and the rest of your team members. I personally learned a lot from your team. The training package you brought was quite appropriate, and there is no doubt the effect of the training will filter down to the special need students of The Gambia to help them learn much better.”

David Couch training Gambian teachers about childhood deafness 2015

Our partners in The Gambia

  • Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital
  • St John’s School for the Deaf
  • Gambia Ministry of Basic and Secondary Eduction