International Week of the Deaf 2019

International Week of the Deaf: Sign Language Rights for All

Today is International Day of Sign Languages and marks the beginning of International Week of the Deaf 2019 (23rd to 29th September) and this year’s theme is ‘Sign Language Rights for All’.

To celebrate we are sharing a video of Chilengwa Primary School, one of the only three primary schools in Ndola District in Zambia with deaf units dedicated to supporting children with hearing loss. Thanks to the support of the British & Foreign School Society, Sound Seekers began a new project this year, training 30 special needs teachers in Chilengwa, Kansenshi and Kamba Primary Schools to improve their sign language skills and established sign language after school clubs in each of the 3 schools to encourage interaction and inclusion of children with hearing loss with children in the mainstream classes. More than 275 students, both from deaf and mainstream classrooms, have been learning  Zambian Sign Language together, improving communication and inclusion across all 3 schools.

Here is a recent video at one of the after school clubs in Chilengwa Primary School learning to sign in Zambian Sign Language ‘Nice to meet you’:



At Sound Seekers, we are dedicated to supporting children to reach their potential and access the education support they need, and recognise the importance of learning sign language, not just for those with hearing loss, but teachers, family and amongst school peers.

To help us support more people with hearing loss in Africa this International Week of the Deaf, please DONATE TODAY. Just £20 could train a teacher in hearing loss awareness, improving the support a child with hearing loss receives in class.