International Week of the Deaf 2018

International Week of the Deaf 2018

Lucia’s Story: Watch 65 year old Lucia dance with joy now that she can hear again

During International Week of the Deaf 2018, Sound Seekers is sharing a new story of Lucia, aged 65 from Malawi and how the mobile outreach clinic from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital changed her life.

Lucia Dinala is 65 years old and lives in Waiyatsa Village, Malawi and couldn’t hear well from both of her ears. She was often ignored by her neighbours and village community as she found it difficult to hear and respond to conversations. The thought of hearing loss did not occur to her as this topic isn’t often known in remote areas such as Lucia’s community. She was unaware that her ears could be treated and thought her hearing loss resulted from her high blood pressure. She assumed that the medication from her high blood pressure would help her regain her full hearing back and avoided consulting her doctor on her hearing loss.


Lucia said after hearing again:

I want to dance for you to express my joy and show how my heart is feeling”

She then began to dance there and then, smiling and laughing in disbelief that she could hear again, made possible by Sound Seekers.

Watch the joyous moment when Lucia celebrates getting her hearing back.

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