Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships

There are many ways in which UK companies, their staff and customers can support Sound Seekers projects in Africa and make a lasting difference to the lives of people with hearing loss in Africa. 


We welcome donations (both financial and gifts in kind*) from companies  for both existing and new projects. We could not provide our services without the support of all our partners.


We offer commercial sponsorship opportunities for our fundraising or parliamentary events and campaigns.

Charity of the year

If you are selecting a charity of the year to support, please think of us. There are lots of ways your customers and staff could get involved – and if your company was able to match fund what was raised then that would be an added bonus!

In-store collections

As part of our  partnership with Specsavers, Sound Seekers collecting tins have been made available throughout  their stores. This not only helps our fundraising effort, but is a great way to raise awareness about hearing loss in the developing world. If your company is able to collect for us, get in touch.

Payroll giving

For businesses, payroll giving is an easy way to show your charitable credentials and to demonstrate commitment to the causes that your employees care about. Payroll Giving is free and easy way for anyone who pays UK income tax to donate to Sound Seekers. To find out more, get in touch

Employee volunteering

We welcome volunteers both in the UK and in Africa. If you can help us with our communications or fundraising activities in the UK, get in touch.


* Gifts in kind such as printing and design services, IT equipment, reconditioned hearing aids, donated goods for fundraising events, advertising space, educational materials and other equipment for our projects.

Specsavers partnership improves lives in Africa

Shafi Specsavers Partnership Malawijpg

“Sound Seekers make a little go a long way to help people with hearing loss in Africa. They train African nurses to identify and treat hearing loss, to prevent damage in the first place, and to help deaf children succeed at school. “

Dame Mary Perkins, Co-founder of Specsavers

Our partnership with Specsavers goes back many years and has allowed us to:

  • Build dormitories and classrooms in a primary school for deaf children in Kenya
  • Contribute to funding our projects, turning plans like delivering ear-care training to hundreds of community health workers into a reality
  • Spread the message about our Hear in Malawi appeal to build an audiology clinic in Malawi that will treat ten thousand people in the next three years.
  • Establish a hearing aid refurbishment project in Zambia. This project will change the lives of up to 4000 people with hearing loss as well as providing employment for one deaf person. Sound Seekers sends out old donated hearing aids to Lusaka in Zambia where one deaf person and one hearing person work to log, clean and repair them before sending them out to the five countries where we currently work.