Volunteer Blog: Naomi

Volunteer Blog: Naomi

Naomi Elliott is our Volunteer Paediatric Audiologist based in Zambia for six months from February 2018.  She will support our audiology services in Lusaka and Ndola. To find out more about the Sound Seekers team click here.

Naomi at Heathrow Airport on route to Zambia


The start of my Zambian adventure

“As I start my adventure in Zambia, here I go writing my first ever blog. I am currently waiting for my connecting flight from Nairobi to Lusaka and the view from the airport is probably one of the better airport sceneries as the sun has just come up so I am greeted with a beautiful pink sky. I have had a great send off from everyone back in London, been treated to a lovely pre-airport meal out along with some very thoughtful messages and gift from my friends and family.

I think the nervousness has slightly calmed now however that may be due to my lack of sleep on the plane! The excitement side is definitely still there and I am looking forward to meeting Dr Uta and her family who I will be staying with tonight and they have very kindly offered to pick me up from the airport. Next stop, Zambia!”