Vision, mission and values


Who we are

Sound Seekers is a registered charity, established in 1959, and based in the UK.

Hearing loss is more prevalent in the developing world, where it has a much greater impact on lives – affecting childrens’ ability to stay in school, and adults’ likelihood of securing employment. Sound Seekers currently has multiple projects in five African countries, with the overriding aim of helping deaf people in some of the world’s poorest communities to learn and earn.

Our vision

A world where no one is disadvantaged by deafness.

Our mission

Sound Seekers will deliver practical solutions to help deaf people learn and earn in the developing world.

Our values

Deafness can be both a cause and effect of poverty.  To combat this, we work to secure the future of deaf people in some of the poorest communities of the developing world by:

Forging partnerships

We work in partnership with hospitals, schools and communities to ensure a positive and long-term impact on the lives of people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Sharing skills

We train local health practitioners in ear and hearing healthcare to help ensure the sustainability of our work and reduce the dependency on outside assistance.

Working holistically

We address all issues relating to deafness including prevention, identification and treatment by raising awareness of the causes of deafness, including the legacy of malaria and meningitis, and promoting basic ear care to help reduce the likelihood of hearing loss.

Supporting education

We help improve the school environment, access to education and communication for deaf and hearing-impaired children, by delivering teacher training, materials and equipment, and providing sign language courses.


We believe deafness should not be an obstacle to education, employment and social inclusion and we work with deaf people to promote equal rights and opportunities.