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Welcome to Sound Seekers

Sound Seekers is dedicated to helping deaf people, particularly children, in the poorest communities of the developing world. We work in partnership with local organisations to deliver sustainable and cost-effective projects that advance understanding of deaf people's needs and improve their access to health services, education, and social support, together with initiatives that enable people to avoid, or overcome, the effects of deafness

A child born in sub-Saharan Africa is more than twice as likely to be deaf as a child born in the developed world.

The World Health Organisation’s latest estimate is that there are 360 million deaf people in the world of whom 32 million are children.  Approximately 80% of these people live in developing countries.

The link between poverty and deafness is clear.

Hearing well makes a huge difference to connecting and communicating, education and employment.  Someone with hearing loss can become isolated very quickly from friends, family and colleagues.  In Sierra Leone, there are no ENT docotors or audiologists working in the public health system.  In Malawi there is one ENT doctor for the whole country; in Zambia, one audiologist.

What are Sound Seekers doing about it?

We partner with major hospitals, health service providers, and schools for deaf children in our seven project countries to establish audiology and education services. That means we support hospital staff to be trained in basic audiology then provide them with the kit they need to assist people with hearing impairment, including fitting hearing aids. We organise volunteer placements for UK audiologists to visit and support the African staff running these services, to ensure that their skills are maintained and upgraded.

We are building long-term capacity in Africa, providing skills so that African medical staff can treat African people and resources so that African teachers can give deaf African children an education, reducing dependency on the outside world.

Please help us to keep more children in school and more adults in employment.